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My name is Will Farrell, and my platform as Republican Candidate for State Superintendent of Oklahoma is threefold: Safeguard Fiscal ResponsibilityEmpower Our Teachers And CommunitiesMake Oklahoma Top 10 In Education The current public school system in Oklahoma is failing. The Obama-era "Race to the Top" initiative left Oklahoma behind, and the current "Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Evaluation System" implementation is just another shade of Common Core Cronyism that leaves Oklahoma at the bottom of the standings.
We can't keep codifying flawed systems of tests, report cards, evaluations, and "Value-Added Model" distortions. Shortfalls, delays, and empty promises do nothing but stifle our hopes and dreams.
We can't keep leaving our children behind.
We can't keep leaving our teachers behind.
We can't keep leaving our communities behind.
We are living in a state of crisis, operating under the miasma of criminal conspiracies and corrupting …